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Adult Group Counseling

Getting Through Hard Times Together

One of the biggest challenges about psychological struggles is the feeling of isolation.  CRL adult therapy groups bring people together to work through tough times and feelings of hopelessness. CRL therapy groups are designed to generate healing and hope by situating groups members in a safe place and in good hands. CRL therapy groups are led by a clinical psychologist and take place at the mouth of beautiful Provo Canyon. Types of Groups vary based on demand and expertise of staff.  See current offerings below.

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POTS Group Counseling

The clinical psychologist that leads this group was diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome 8 years ago, so she understands that POTS can be psychically and emotionally debilitating and isolating.  She invites you combat the isolation and find coping skills with others who get it.  The next POTS group counseling session begins May 31, at the mouth of beautiful Provo Canyon. 

Group Structure

CRL therapy groups are held in the CRL home office.  If the weather permits, the groups will be held outdoors because nature calms the nervous system and focuses the senses.  In this way, nature is a co-therapist in the healing process.  Groups require at least four people to run and will not exceed 12 people.  Groups run for 6-8 weeks and are open process, and participants can join at any time.  The groups are clinical groups, so many health insurance providers will cover the expenses or provide partial reimbursement.   We also take Health Savings Cards. 

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